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DRYLY, THE BEST SOLUTION AGAINST BED WETTING We are Dryly; we help children and parents who suffer from bed-wetting problems. We started Dryly because I, Clarien IJlstra, have a child who has been suffering from bedwetting for years. We had tried everything, but in the end only the bedwetting alarm worked….

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The bedwetting alarm is the most effective way of dealing with bedwetting.In fact, 93% of all children who use the Dryly® bedwetting alarm are potty trained at night within 6-8 weeks.That makes us very happy! At bedtime, your child puts on Dryly® bedwetting pants, which look like normal boxer shorts or hipsters and are connected to the receiver.

Dryly humorous Crossword Clue Answers, Crossword Solver


Dryly humorous crossword clue. This crossword clue Dryly humorous was discovered last seen in the November 1 2021 at the LA Times Crossword. The crossword clue possible answer is available in 3 letters. This answers first letter of which starts with W and can be found at the end of Y. We think WRY is the possible answer on this clue.

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Translate Dryly. See authoritative translations of Dryly in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

Dryly Meaning | Best 2 Definitions of Dryly


What does dryly mean? In a dry manner; matter-of-factly. (adverb)

The word ‘dryly’ as an adverb - English Language & Usage ...


dryly |ˈdrīlē| ( also drily ) adverb. 1 in a matter-of-fact or ironically humorous way : “How very observant,” he said dryly. 2 in a dry way or condition : Evans swallowed dryly. I also found it can be a synonym of "being cold" and not just "ironic" and "sarcastic".

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adverb. (also dryly) 1 In a matter-of-fact or ironically humorous way. ‘‘How very observant’, he said drily’. More example sentences. ‘Demos they may be but these Hazlewood rarities are rounded, rustic country songs: lustrous and lustful, quirkily and dryly humorous, yet poignant stories from the other side of love.’. ‘The tales ...

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Suddenly this dryly humorous film assumes a dangerous mood and darker comment on Antoine's life.: He seems abrupt and uncompassionate, and dryly asks what Dabii wants of him.: Sometimes his pigment catches the canvas threads dryly, leaving the dips of the rough weave coloured only by the undercoat.: In the midst of all the flash there are two amazingly iconic lead perfs and a shockingly ...

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Dryly adverb. In a dry manner; not succulently; without interest; without sympathy; coldly. Drily adverb. with dry humor; ‘`Never mind the hole in the ceiling,' he saiid drily’; Dryly adverb. in a dry laconic manner; ‘I know that,’;

349 Synonyms & Antonyms of DRY - Merriam-Webster


Synonyms for DRY: arid, droughty, sere, thirsty, waterless, boring, colorless, drab; Antonyms for DRY: damp, dank, humid, moist, wet, absorbing, engaging, engrossing

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Please find below all the Dryly amusing crossword clue answers and solutions for the Wall Street Journal Crossword September 30 2020 Answers. In case something is wrong or missing kindly let me know and I will be more than happy to help you out with the right solution for each of the WSJ crossword puzzle clues.

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On Wednesday's Kimmel Live, she elaborated on her prank, joking that the drug he is addicted to is steroids. "Jimmy, we're sending our best to you and your scrunched-up roid nuts," she deadpanned. One of her guests Wednesday night was a 16-year-old with an enormous mouth, Sykes said. "Speaking of big-mouthed kids, Donald Trump — remember him ...

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The fuzzy surface of the fiber becomes a variable that Artschwager repeatedly manipulates in the service of purposeful ambiguity: In the dryly painted (and dryly humorous) Desert Growth, 2005, piles of modular forms on a mesa suggest, all at once, alien succulents, new urban development in the American Southwest, formal abstraction overtaking ...

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"A dryly written document concerned with a new England and Wales regime for preventing future floods - it's the sort of thing that normally would only attract the interests of those interested in water management and environmental protection.

What is another word for dryly? | Dryly Synonyms ...


Synonyms for dryly include wryly, derisively, drolly, ironically, mockingly, sarcastically, sardonically, satirically, scoffingly and scornfully. Find more similar ...

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The band continues to celebrate the joyousness of jazz, and they are certainly one of the most dryly humorous bunches on the circuit. Playing is all Heart; Jazz "An unfortunate chain of events," commented the Yugoslav defence minister dryly at the time.

cold smile, dry laugh, to smile dryly | EUdict | English ...


cold smile, dry laugh, to smile dryly. 冷笑. (metallurgy) cold-rolled, cold-rolling. 冷軋 [leng3 zha2] (metallurgy) cold-rolled, cold-rolling. 冷轧 [leng3 zha2] (saying) resemble a smile yet not smile. 似笑非笑 [si4 xiao4 fei1 xiao4] (set phrase) (usually of women) as cold as ice, to have an icy manner.

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24. He favored her with a wry smile and answered dryly. 6. 4. She resumed packing and answered dryly. 4. 4. He comments dryly, disappointed, disapproving, not sure what the joke was between you and I. 18.

Dryly humorous - 2 answers | Crossword Clues


If you haven't solved the crossword clue Dryly humorous yet try to search our Crossword Dictionary by entering the letters you already know! (Enter a dot for each missing letters, e.g. “P.ZZ..” will find “PUZZLE”.) Also look at the related clues for crossword clues with similar answers to “Dryly humorous”

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The best 9 synonyms for dryly, including: laconically, drily, wryly, tartly, sardonically, ruefully, sarcastically, caustically, acidly and more... Find another word ...

Drily vs Dryly - What's the difference? | WikiDiff


Dryly is an alternative form of drily. Drily is an alternative form of dryly. As adverbs the difference between drily and dryly is that drily is in a dry manner while dryly is in a dry manner.

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Definition of dryly written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.

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DRYLY Meaning: "without moisture;" 1620s, "without affection;" early 15c., "with apparent unintentional humor or… See definitions of dryly.

dryly | meaning in the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary


dryly definition: If you say something dryly, you say it in a serious way but you are trying to be funny.. Learn more.

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Define dryly. dryly synonyms, dryly pronunciation, dryly translation, English dictionary definition of dryly. adj. dri·er , dri·est or dry·er or dry·est 1. Free from liquid or moisture: changed to dry clothes. 2. a. Having or characterized by little or no rain: a...

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‘In a dryly humorous touch, the woman's firmly placed heels seem more than adequate substitutes for the chair's missing front legs.’ ‘The film that follows is a dark, dryly humorous critique of class privilege and artful etiquette.’

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Dryly definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!

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dryly, drily adv adverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down." figurative (in an unimaginative way) sèchement adv adverbe: modifie un adjectif ou un verbe. Est toujours invariable ! Ex : "Elle est très grande."

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Definition of dryly adverb in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more.

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Definition of dryly in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of dryly. What does dryly mean? Information and translations of dryly in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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dryly: 1 adv in a dry laconic manner “"I know that," he said dryly ” Synonyms: drily , laconically

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dryly - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free.

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Dryly is top. Onze zoon heeft er heel lang overgedaan om 's nachts droog te blijven. Wij hebben nu twee maanden dryly gebruikt voor de nacht. En vorige week zijn we een week op vakantie geweest zonder dryly en ja hij is droog voor de hele nachten. De app is erg makkelijk en leuk om zelf te bedienen voor de kinderen.

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We found 5 answers for “Dryly” . This page shows answers to the clue Dryly.Dryly may be defined as “(adv.)In a dry manner”. Synonyms for Dryly are for example deprecatingly, drily and ironically.More synonyms can be found below the puzzle answers.

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We are Dryly; we help children and parents who suffer from bed-wetting problems. We started Dryly because I, Clarien IJlstra, have a child who has been suffering from bedwetting for years. We had tried everything, but in the end only the bedwetting alarm worked…. And then my son came up with the idea of making it more fun to use.

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dryly. dry‧ly, drily /ˈdraɪli/ adverb. EMOTIONAL. if you say something dryly, you say something that is amusing but you appear to be completely serious ‘I hear you’re a hero, ’ Philip said dryly. Examples from the Corpus dryly • "If you're lucky, " said Harrison dryly, "they'll only hang you." • Theo answered dryly to the effect ...

Dryly definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary


Dryly definition: in a dry manner; matter-of-factly | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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dryly translate: alay edercesine, müstehzi bir şekilde. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Turkish Dictionary.

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French Translation of “dryly” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases.

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Dryly, Mierlo. 487 likes · 21 talking about this. De Dryly® plaswekker methode is de meest effectieve manier om bedplassen aan te pakken. Van de kinderen die de Dryly plaswekkermethode volgen is 93%...

Dryly humorous crossword clue - LATCrosswordAnswers.com


Dryly humorous crossword clue. We found 1 possible solution for the Dryly humorous crossword clue: POSSIBLE ANSWER: WRY. On this page you will find the solution to Dryly humorous crossword clue. This clue was last seen on LA Times Crossword November 1 2021 Answers In case the clue doesn’t fit or there’s something wrong please contact us ...

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Dictionary entry overview: What does dryly mean? • DRYLY (adverb) The adverb DRYLY has 1 sense:. 1. in a dry laconic manner Familiarity information: DRYLY used as an adverb is very rare.

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Drily definition, dryly. See more. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 ...