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ANYCUBIC: Innovative & Affordable Desktop 3D Printer Manufacturer ...

Quick view Anycubic Colored UV Resin 5-20kg Deals from $79.00 Quick view Anycubic 1.75mm PLA Filament 5-20kg Deals from $69.00 Quick view Anycubic High Speed PLA Filament 5-20kg Deals from $119.00 Quick view Anycubic Water-Wash Resin+ 5-20kg Deals

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Anycubic AirPure (2Pcs) - Effective & Efficient Air Purifier for ...

Anycubic AirPure can directly adsorb the odor molecules volatilized from the resin into the activated carbon channel, and then complete the air purification process, which is a safe and environmentally friendly long-term purification method. High-speed, Low Noise, Long Lifespan Fan In order to further facilitate the activated carbon, Anycubic ...

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Anycubic Photon Workshop 3D Slicer Software - ANYCUBIC 3D Printing

Anycubic Photon Workshop is a free 3D slicer software developed by Anycubic. It converts the stl/obj/xxx files into *.pws or *.photon files which can be read by Anycubic Photon printers. Skip to content Close menu Black Friday 🔥 Top Sales 🎁 [Exclusive Gift]Photon Mono M5s $449

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AnycubicSlicer | ANYCUBIC 3D Printing – ANYCUBIC-US

AnycubicSlicer is an open-source, easy-to-use slicing software for FDM 3D printing, based on PrusaSlicer by Prusa Research, which is from Slic3r by Alessandro Ranellucci and the RepRap community.

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Anycubic 3D App Download | ANYCUBIC 3D Printing

3D Printers. 🆕 High Speed Resin UV Tough Resin Standard Resin+ 🆕 High Clear Resin. 🆕 ASA Filament 🆕 PETG 🆕 PLA +. Accessories. For Anycubic Kobra For Anycubic Vyper. Request After-sale Service. Resin Settings Resin Manual & SDS. Android: Click to download directly Click to download by Google drive.

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Anycubic Support Center | ANYCUBIC 3D Printing – ANYCUBIC-US

Sign up and save Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. One-stop customer service center design to self-service problem solving for Anycubic users, easily gets both technical support and customer support.

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Anycubic Photon M3 Max Recommended Settings: Unlocking Its Full ...

Anycubic Photon M3 Max is a resin 3D printer that combines 7K high precision and 14.7L large size. It is dedicated to bring users a good printing experience. In order to fully utilize the performance of the 3D printer and the characteristics of the resin used, we usually recommend users to try to optimize the printing parameters. In this article, we cover the slicing guide and recommended ...

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Firmware & Software | ANYCUBIC 3D Printing – ANYCUBIC-US

Become a Reseller Warranty & Refund Policy Anycubic Wiki Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. © 2023 ANYCUBIC-US Download resources about firmware, manual, driver, slicer software for Anycubic 3D printers. Click on the files you need to download.

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ANYCUBIC UK: Innovative & Affordable Desktop 3D Printer

Quick view Anycubic Plant-based UV Resin 5-20kg Deals Regular price£145.00Sale price £99.00 - £108.50 Quick view Anycubic ABS-Like Resin Pro 2 5-20kg Deals Regular price£217.50Sale price £109.00 - £25 Quick view Anycubic Resin/PLA Filament Mystery Box Regular price£79.00Sale price £54.00

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Anycubic Resin 3D Printers | for Precision and Detail

Anycubic's Kobra 2 Neo and Photon Mono 2 are competitively priced, offer fast printing speeds, and have high success rates. These two products are particularly beginner-friendly and easy to operate. Anycubic is a reputable brand in the industry, making these two printers highly recommended choices for beginners.Best 3D Printers for Beginners.

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Contact Us | ANYCUBIC 3D Printing – ANYCUBIC-US

Anycubic Wiki We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions regarding our website or the order placed on our website, please feel free to contact our Customer Support Team Thank you!

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Model Download | ANYCUBIC 3D Printing – ANYCUBIC-US

Model Download | ANYCUBIC 3D Printing – ANYCUBIC-US. 🔥 Top Sales. ⚡ Photon Mono M5s $419. ⚡️ Kobra 2 Max $479. 🎁 [Exclusive Gift]Kobra 2 Pro $279. ⚡️ Mono 2 $149. ⚡️ Wash & Cure 3 $89. ⚡️ Kobra 2 Neo $159. ⚡️ Kobra 2 $209.

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Anycubic 3D Printing- The Leading 3D Printer Manufacturer | ANYCUBIC 3D ...

Anycubic Community 3D Printing Education Incubation Project Founded in 2015, Anycubic has become one of the most popular 3D printer brands in the market, with around 1000 employees.But, we didn’t start fancy as it seems to look today. Mr. James Ouyang, co-founder of Anycubic and a Ph.D of University of Auckland said.

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Anycubic Kobra 2 - 6X Faster Auto-Levelling FDM 3D Printer – ANYCUBIC-US

Anycubic Kobra 2 is an affordable 3D printer with excellent quality. With 6X faster printing speed than other printers, LeviQ 2.0 auto-leveling, upgraded cooling system, stable dual Z-axis, smart filament sensor and easy modular assembly, you'll get great results every time.

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Anycubic Vyper - FDM Leveling-Free 3D Printer – ANYCUBIC-US

Anycubic Vyper brings you the best viewing and operating experience with its 4.3" LCD touch-control screen. Print Quickly Without Waiting. Thanks to its self-developed Bowden extruder, Anycubic Vyper can reach a maximum print speed of 7.1in./s or 180mm/s and a typical print speed of 3.1in./s or 80mm/s, which is 167% faster than its rivals’ 1 ...

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Anycubic i3 Mega - Full Metal 3D Printer with ... - ANYCUBIC 3D Printing

The Anycubic i3 Mega is a solid, metal-framed 3D printer that comes mostly assembled. Assembly is easy and takes only a few minutes. It is capable of producing high quality prints. Stable construction and fine layer resolution down to 0.05 mm. It supports multiple filament materials, including PLA, ABS, High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) and wood. ...

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Mega X - ANYCUBIC 3D Printing

Fast Assembly, Mega X 3D printer came in two modules and all it takes is to plug in 12 screws and 3 cables, easy to a2020 New Release! Modular Design, Ultrabase Platform. Printer Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm x553mm,Large Build Volume 300mm*300mm*305mm, more space for creation. Dual Screw Rod Z-axis dual screw rod design.

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Anycubic Photon Mono 4K

Hotep brothers and sisters and thank you for looking at my review of the. ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 4K, Resin 3D Printer with 6.23" Monochrome Screen, Upgraded UV LCD 3D what I like about this any cube it is an upgrade from their older version. It is an entry level 3D printer, so I guess it'll be 4 the beginner but try both versions to be a real winner.

Kobra 2 Max - Print finishes successfully but shows stuck at ... - Reddit

This is using the Anycubic Slicer v1.2.2, which at this time cannot find an update. To elaborate further, the printer physically has finished a print and rises the print head above the model then shifts the build plate to the finished position, however the printer's screen shows the print as still in progress.

Exclusive: Germany, France and Italy reach agreement on future AI ...

Paper suggests "mandatory self-regulation through codes of conduct". BERLIN, Nov 18 (Reuters) - France, Germany and Italy have reached an agreement on how artificial intelligence should be ...

I actually bought this Black Friday 3D printer deal, and I regret ... - MSN

Anycubic Kobra 2 Neo 3D Printer. Was: $289.99 Now: $159 at Amazon. Save: $130. Overview: This 3D printer model is suitable for both beginners (like me) and more experienced users. It has a maximum ...

Want to try 3D printing? The best machine for beginners is almost ... - MSN

Anycubic Kobra 2 Neo 3D Printer. Was: $289.99 Now: $159.99 from Amazon and AnyCubic. Save: $130. Overview: This 3D printer from Anycubic is a great choice for beginners since it's simple to set up ...

3D Printer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023: Top ANYCUBIC ...

Best 3D Printer Deals: Save up to 38% on 3D printers from Creality, ANYCUBIC, Flashforge, Elegoo & more Save up to $180 on 3D printers, including Creality, Glowforge & more ...

Anycubic 3D Printer - USA Official Site

Anycubic is a Shenzhen-based 3D technology company that offers low-cost 3D printers with features like auto-leveling, touch screen, metal pei print bed and more. See the story of Anycubic, unboxing videos, customer reviews and the Mega X, Vyper, 4Max Pro 2.0 and Stella models.

Shop these Black Friday 3D printer deals and print all your holiday ...

Anycubic 3D Printer Kobra 2 Max $499 (was $699) Anycubic. SEE IT. This is a 3D printer you can grow into. It offers a total print size of 17.7 x 15.7 x 15.7 inches, which allows for all sorts of ...

The 'thrifty beginner 4K resin' 3D printer is now even thriftier with ...

We reviewed the Anycubic Photo Mono 2 and loved the detailed 4K prints, fast setup and effortless print removal. This is a cost reduced resin printer. The build quality is good, but the materials ...

Anycubic Kobra 2 Plus review - MSN

Anycubic also lists the flexible TPU filament as one of the materials the Kobra 2 Plus can handle, but if you want to use that, you’ll need to set much slower print speeds – around 100mm per ...

Anycubic's Giant Black Friday Sale Is Live Now With Huge Discounts

Kobra Max: $379. Despite being an older model, the Kobra Max is still one of my favorite printers. It makes giant things, and it makes them well, though it moves much slower than the new version ...

ANYCUBIC Vyper 3D Printer, Auto Leveling Upgrade Fast Integrated ...

Anycubic is a famous consumer-grade 3D printing manufacturer specializing in delivering quality 3D printing products. Featuring a professional R&D team and high-end innovation technologies, we could make 3D printing more accessible to meet the demand from 3D professionals and amateurs alike. We are passionate about providing effective 3D ...

Chiron - Anycubic 3D Printer

ANYCUBIC Chiron More than BIG. Anycubic Chiron The Anycubic Chiron is a FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printer with a large installation space, many comfort functions and a fair price-performance ratio. With a space of 400 x 400 x 450 mm even larger objects can be realized. Huge Build Volume It has huge build volume […]

Anycubic - Apps on Google Play

The Anycubic team is dedicated to improving the smart experience for 3D printers. Our new app makes the 3D printing process more streamlined and user-friendly, so that anyone can enjoy the benefits of "smart printing" . With our app, you can experience the freedom and excitement of creating your own designs and bringing them to life through 3D ...


ANYCUBIC | 2,770 followers on LinkedIn. 3Dream, for freedom to make | Founded in 2015, Anycubic has become one of the most popular 3D printer brands in the market, with over 1.100 employees based ...